The credential

The credential

The credential/ Pilgrim Passport identifies the pilgrim, it is the document that attests the pilgrimage toward a place of cult on foot, by bicycle or horseback. It will allow to access the structures that entertain the pilgrims and it will allow to receive the certification of the happened pilgrimage. The first part is compiled to the departure inserting your personal data: name and surname, address, number of ID card, place and date of beginning of the walk with the stamp of his/her own parish and the formality of the pilgrimage on foot, by bicycle or  horseback. The date and the stamp of the religious destination that you have reached will attest that you have reached the took place pilgrimage, the document you/he/she must be signs for being valid. The second part serves for affixing the stamps and the date that attest the transit between a hospitales and the other, the valid stamps must be affix from official organs: police, common, firemen, churches, and obviously in the hospitales where you will  stop. The credential/ Pilgrim Passport can be requested to the following associations that are responsible to the distribution:

Associations where you can take the credential:

Via della Costa Credential

Request form

Please send the following Request form compiled in all parts using this email:

 Il sottoscritto ____________________________________________

Nato a ___________________________________________

il ______________________________

Residente a _____________________CAP__________Provincia________________

In via ______________________________________________

Numero Carta di Identità ____________________

Rilasciata dal____________________________



Chiede di ricevere la credenziale per il pellegrinaggio

A piedi______ In bicicletta_______ A cavallo_______

Partendo da_________________
Il giorno_____________________

Informazioni o richieste particolari ______________________________



The credential is free, but to make this service possible is welcome any offer.
1 Indicate the place where and how (on foot, on bike, on horseback) you intend to begin the pilgrimage.

2  Information pursuant to Legislative Decree No 196/2003: personal data is collected and preserved
by the Sacra Famiglia Imperia parish.





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