02 Sanremo-Torrazza

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02 San Remo - Torrazza

(GPS) 02 Sanremo-Torrazza
(Google Earth) 02 Sanremo-Torrazza

 stage: San Remo – Torrazza 30,700km – Time: 8h15 – Difficulty: medium

It begins with the “Round Garibaldi”, we turn on the right in “Via Fiume” to reach the layout of the ex railroad, then we turn to left coming in “San Martino district”. Immediately after the ex railway tollgate to take on the left the narrow stairway, to continue on “Via Aurelia” and to the second pedestrian passage to cross the road and to continue in “Salita Poggio”, to the beginnig asphalted then cemented continuing in steep slope, so we arrive to village Poggio di San Remo, overlooking the coast from San Remo on the Riviera. We climb through the center of the village where you can find at the public gardens, drinking water, food and pharmacy. At the right of the gardens down a steep paved road that takes us to the Valley Armea. Cross the bridge over the stream and go uphill to reach the deposit Borea, passed immediately after, turn right and then immediately turn again left onto the path marked little and dirty uphill to reach Bussana Vecchia. Cross the characteristic earthquake stricken village, now home to artists, and on the opposite side on the trail descends  ” Path  Oliveto” and turn right to reach “Castelletto” near an abandoned building. Continue down the path to join us for a concrete road  between the greenhouses to get to the motorway slip road; cross the street and turn left uphill walking for about 200m. Before you take a gas station right on an asphalt road that leads downhill “Via Periane”, you reach the shopping center, turn left on the artery reached the driveway and leave the roundabout on the left taking up the paved road; after 200 m on the left is a salt crust to reach on a large cobbled path the monumental convent of S. Domenico, in Taggia, where you can admire precious paintings by Ludovico Brea, Canavese and Parmigianino. Through the door wall Pretoria Dalmazzo and alleyways between you enter the old town full of cultural monuments with deep historical and religious significance, major portals slate. Arriving at the convent of the Cappuccini (hospitality), continue to right down the Campo Martio and the first turn right, past the “Piazza IV Novembre”, “Via Anfossi” and continue on the medieval bridge. Once over the bridge, turn right, then left on the road to Castellaro. On the left is a steep climb, does pass under the hightway bridge, and continue  on the right immediately after we take the cobbled path in “Via Lampedusa” that leads to Castellaro (hospitality), then on paved road turn right downhill (To visit the sanctuary of Lampedusa, turn left). Leaving the village, take the paved road on the left between local authorities in direction of Pompeiana, after 2km turn left uphill on a very concrete road and reach the church of San Bernardo, above the village of Pompeiana. Climb on the main runway that leads to the ridge portion 481slm of Monte Negro is a bit cemented and a little dirt in a beautiful wood of Mediterranean bush. Now arrived near Lingueglietta, always in the pine forest is left to left the dirt road, turn left along a path barely visible at first, but pointed down between cultivated gardens and was later a cobblestone that rejoins the paved road that leads to the country. The village is steeped in history, is worth a visit to the fortress church of San Pietro. Immediately after the beautiful shrine in the center of town, take on the right in “Via San Rocco” (hospitality), then reach the main road and turn left down a street interpoderale, now paved, immersed in olive groves. After a long stretch you come across a group of houses, then turn left onto the driveway, but viable, after you pass a chain, you reach the provincial Pietrabruna, cross it and reach down to the stream S.Lorenzo in the hamlet of Mulino Dolca.  After crossing the bridge immediately after you take a dirt road on the right climbing steeply, then dirt road through olive groves, continue uphill on a cobbled path and arrive at a small cave church with porch; turn left, cross the road to take the path that leads back to the paved road to the top of the country Civezza that runs along the ridge in a dominant position. Reaches the poster Common of Civezza, we cross the road we follow the indication Parrocchia di San Marco (hospitality). We continue rights in “Via Dante”, we overcome the beautiful square with the town hall and after we turn to right in ” Via Machiavelli” and arrive to the provincial road, then it runs along the paved road, reached the church of Madonna delle Grazie, here we cross the road and follow the dirt path without taking into account of the chain that close the access to the path towards Torrazza down between crops and olive groves.  Entering the country enjoy the beautiful country and the Saracen Tower, “Piazza S. Giovanni”,  “Via Mons. Bracco”, where there is a drinking water fountain; following a cobbled path that runs alongside the cemetery you will reach the courtyard of the Romanesque church of S. George. (hospitality)


Bussana Vecchia: B&B “Apriti Sesamo” (L) – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Mr. Stefano Pascucci – mob. +39335231794 – double room 35 € for person, quadruple room e a room of 5 square bed – for three persons 95 € for four people plus 30 € including organic breakfast – lunch or dinner € 15 excluding beverages – for pilgrims instead of breakfast we offer an organic brunch.
Taggia: “Convent of Cappuccini” (L) – “Via S. Francesco” – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Mr. Giovanni Sarubbi Comune cell. 3409124760 near City Hall of Taggia – 10 beds – to be provided with sleeping bag – bathroom with shower – cooking possibilities – present 10€.
Castellaro: Former asylum “A. Minoia di strada Lampedusa, ” (R) – “Via Lampedusa” – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Don Molineris – mob.3406107675 .   +393406107675 – 10 beds – to be provided with sleeping bag – bathroom with shower – .notice required throughout the year – free offer. — “La Braia” (L) – “Via Mazzini, 5” – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Mrs. Franca mob. +039338915393, Mr. Secondo Gianmarco mob. +03993355344415 – 3 rooms with 4 beds and 1 double bedroom – the price for pilgrims equipped with credential is – 20€ for person – 15€ dinner.
Lingueglietta: “Casa Vacanze Oliveto” (L) – “Via San Rocco, 72” – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – contact phone +039 0183 98340 – mob. +393287571939 – 8 beds and 2 double bedrooms, 3 more single beds and 1 rollaway provided with a bed sheet and a pillow case – cooking possibilities – washing machine – WiFi wireless – the price for pilgrims equipped with credential is 25€ for person.
Civezza: Chiesa parrocchiale “San Marco” (R) – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Mr. Giusppe Gusciglio City Hall of Civezza – tel.+390183930190 mob. +0393281462633 – free offer.
Torrazza: Rectory “San Giorgio” (R) – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Father Giorgiomaria Micheri – tel +0390183780005 hours meals – 8 seats – to be provided with mat and sleeping bag – bathroom with shower – present 10€.
Imperia Porto Maurizio 3km from Torrazza: Monastery “Santa Chiara” (R) – “Via S. Chiara, 9 “- notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply the Mother Superior – tel +039018362762 – bathroom with shower – cooking possibilities – available all year – free offer. — “Pensione S. Giuseppe” (L) – “Piazza Mons. Marello, 2” – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Mr. Andrea Anselmi – tel. +39018361547 – price to be agreed.

Distances and reference marks:

 San Remo – Inizio Strada per Poggio                               km 2,200
inizio strada per Poggio-piazza di Poggio                          km 1,000
piazza di Poggio-angolo Borea                                          km 2,000
angolo Borea-Bussana Vecchia                                         km 0,500
Bussana Vecchia- incrocio dopo Bussana Vecchia           km 0,270
incrocio dopo Bussana Becchia- ex colonia abbandonata km 1,300
ex colonia abbandonata- ingresso su svincolo autostrada km 0,400
ingresso su svincolo autostrada-Taggia Cappuccini           km 3,100
Taggia Cappuccini- asilo di Castellaro                                km 1,800
asilo di Castellaro- svincolo per Lingueglietta                     km 2,800
svincolo per Lingueglietta- pilone votivo Lingueglietta       km 6,730
pilone votivo Lingueglietta- case Avreghi                        km 3,400 variante san pietro km 1,800
case Avreghi- Mulino Dolca                                               km 1,100
Mulino Dolca-San Marco Civezza                                     km 0,800
San Marco Civezza- Madonna della Neve                        km 1,100
Madonna della Neve- San Giorgio Torrazza                     km 2,200
totale     km 30,700

Please report possible problems or proposals of improvement of the itinerary, writing to calsilvdc@gmail.com –  Thanks for your help.

The 12 proposed stages and described were been in the years by the authors that decline every responsibility around possible changes on the territory that can alter how much it has described.













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