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01 Ponte San Ludovico - San Remo -

(GPS) 01 Pte S. Ludovico – Sanremo
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stage: Mentone (Ponte S. Ludovico) – San Remo km 26,100 Time: 6h45 – Difficulty: easy

Leaving the border of Ponte S. Ludovico,  to avoid the first tunnel that leads us to Italy, we run alongside the sea, walking along the first section of “Via Romana” in Western Liguria. In this short trip we can admire the most important prehistoric and natural proofs as the Archaeological Museum of the Balzi Rossi (open 8:30 to 19:30- Closed on Mondays), the cave where the first “Ligurian” inhabited, and the “Eggs Beach”. Once we past this section, some through a dirt track, we come, through an iron staircase, to the ”Via Aurelia”, which runs after other two tunnels. Immediately after that, we turn right to go up to another iron staircase, opening the little gate of the railing, and we go along again the ancient Roman “Via Julia Augusta”, along which we can see magnificent villas surrounded by beautiful gardens. Back on the road, we reach Ventimiglia where we can see on the left above the old ”Porta Canarda” and, later on the Archaeological Museum G. Rossi placed in the “Forte dell’Annunziata”; surpassing it, we cross the street and we enter in the “Ancient Ventimiglia”, through the wall door. We  walk along “Via Garibaldi” to get to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (century. XI-XII), the baptistery and the Romanesque church of S.Michele. We continue through the “Piazza S. Giovanni Battista”, we go down the homonymous stairs, cross the road it continues on stairway “Salita San Giuseppe” going down the embankment of Roia river, crossing the footbridge. We continue to “Piazza della Libertà”, “Via della Repubblica”, turn right into via Cavour, then “Corso Genova”. Reached the railway overpass, we can admire on the left the beautiful Roman theater and on the right the Archaeological Museum and the ruins of the ancient Roman city. We go  ahead and cross the bridge, then turn left along the “Nervia river”, take on the right in “Via XXV Aprile”, then “Via Braia”, “Via San Rocco” and it introduces on “Via Romana”, going ahead, we overcome Camporosso, Vallecrosia. At Bordighera (at the entrance in “Via Cagliari” on the right, turning it, we reach the Seminar for the Hospitality) we continue in “Via Cesare Augusto” and staying on the sidewolk of right. At Bordighera  we continue at ” Via degli Ulivi”; we arrive to a rotunda and we continue rights in “Via Romana” where to the civic number 41 we can visit the important Museum Library Bicknell International Institute of Ligurian Studies. We continue and we turn to left on stairway in “Via XX Settembre”, we reach in top we turn on the right in “Via Circonvallazione”, we come at “Via Filiberto” and to the height of a Votive Cross we take to the right “Via C. Garnier” (to the number civic 11 hospitality near Villa Garnier and we reach the “Via Aurelia”, which runs until the tunnel, going around on the right until the “Portico della Punta”. Back on the “Via Aurelia”, Ospedaletti be reached by walking on the sidewalk. Ospedaletti is originated from the “Cavalieri di Rodi” who landed on the coast very sick and healed up for its mild climate. The “Cavalieri di Rodi” built a hospital here and hence the name Ospedaletti from a document of 1259. We cross the village on the road to the sea “Via XX Settembre”, going in “Via Cavalieri di Malta”, we take again the “Via Aurelia” until we reach San Remo in “Pian di Poma locality”. We take right down the road immediately after bar tabaccheria civic number 125 to the entrance, (passing a chain that blocks access to the car), the former railway, we past the ancient ”villa romana” (turning to left in Via San Rocco coasting along the Cemetery the church of San Rocco is reached for hospitality) and we reach the center of S. Remo at the Russian Church. Reaches the ex railway station we cross the “Via Aurelia”, we climb the marmoreal stairway, we turn on the right to continue up to reach on the left the church of Cappuccini, climbed on the church square we continue at “Via dei Cappuccini”, through the typical narrow “carruggi” we will reach the ancient cathedral of San Siro. We continue in “Via Palazzo, “Piazza Colombo”, “Corso Garibaldi” and “Rondò Garibaldi”.


Mentone: “Soeurs travailleuses Missionnaires”(R) 6 Rue du Louvrenotice is necessary – Credential obligatory – contact phone +33(0)493357551 – 1/2 board 39€. —
“Monastery de l’Annonciade” (R) – 2135 Corniche A. Tardieu – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply mother superior – tel. +33(0)493357692 – price to be agreed.
Bordighera: Villa Garnier, “via Garnier”, 11 – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Sisters of St. Giuseppe, tel. Giuseppe – tel. 0184261833 – meals and accommodation availability – free offer.
Ospedaletti: Villa Gabry B&B (L) – Strada Termini, 85 – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Mrs. Monica – tel. 03901841956295 – mobil 00393927854030 – the price for pilgrims with Credential is 20€ for person.
San Remo: Associazione Centro Ascolto Caritas (R) – Corso Inglesi, 124 – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Ms Sara from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 12.00 am – tel. +390184541111 – +390184505176 – reception center at night n. 13 beds masculine and 4 feminine.

Distances and reference marks:

 Ponte San Ludovico- entrata sull’Aurelia        km 5,100
entrata sull’Aurelia-Porta di Ventimiglia           km 2,200
Porta di Ventimiglia- ponte  Torr. Nervia          km 3,100
ponte sul torrente Nervia- Via Cagliari             km 1,800     via Cagliari- Seminario   km 0,633
Via Cagliari- Villa Garnier                                km 2,400
Villa Garnier- Ospedaletti fontana con delfino km 4,100
Ospedaletti-Pian di Poma inizio discesa         km 3,500
Pian di Poma–incrocio per S. Rocco         km 1,200  incrocio per S.Rocco- S. Rocco km 0,192
incrocio per San Rocco-ex stazione               km 1,100
ex stazione- Rondò Garibaldi                         km 1,600
totale 26,100

Please report possible problems or proposals of improvement of the itinerary, writing to calsilvdc@gmail.com – Thanks for your help.

The 12 proposed stages and described were been in the years by the authors that decline every responsibility around possible changes on the territory that can alter how much it has described.


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