08 Genova-Camogli

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08 Genova - Camogli

(GPS) 08 Genova-Camogli
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stage Genova/Commenda – Camogli km25,100km-Time: 6h30-Difficult: medium

The journey starts from “Piazza della Commenda at Genova, we pass the church of San Giovanni di Pré then continue into “Via di Pré”, among the famous “alleyways” of Genova, passing under the Royal Palace gardens and crossing “Via delle Fontane”. It goes beyond the medieval Porta dei Vacca (fountain) (it was part of the walls in the year 1163 in defense of Barbarossa) coming in ”Via del Campo”  made famous by Fabrizio de Andrè with his songs. We continue into “Piazza Fossatello” then “Via di Fossatello” after we pass on the left, the church of San Siro, one of the oldest churches in Genova already known in the sixth century: it was the first cathedral of Genova. From here starts “Via San Luca”, “Piazza San Luca” with the homonym church, “Piazza Banchi” with the church of San Pietro in Banchi (named “della Porta”) then we walk on the right along “Via San Pietro” della Porta, passing under an arch and we come in “Via Canneto il Curto”. In this section we can admire magnificent noble palaces. We reach on the left “Via San Lorenzo” where we can find the homonymous Cathedral consecrated by Pope Gelasius II in the year 1118, we arrive in “Piazza G. Matteotti”: on the left the Ducal Palace, the Bishop’s Curia and the Church of Jesus of the sixteenth century which houses paintings by major artists, including two works by Rubens. We go up the walkway towards Porta Soprana, also known as “St.Andrea”, pass it, go down, up stairs, straight “Vico di Ponticello” and on the left is located the house of Christopher Columbus, great navigator which is said to have spent his youth there and the adjacent cloister dedicated to the Apostle Andrew. We get to  “Piazza Dante”, turn left in “Via Ceccardi” and then turn right on the central “Via XX Settembre”, which will be covered in its entirety. We reach “Via Cadorna”, ”Corso Buenos Aires”, cross to the right “Piazza Tommaseo”, climb the stairs and cross  the way. We take the Monumental Staircase to get again into “Via Pozzo”, we continue on “Via Albaro” right on the sidewalk, then cross the road and continue along Via Bocchella” on the left side walk, we get into “Via Pisa”, “Via Caprera”, we arrive at “Piazza Sturla” passing in front of the church of S.S.Annunziata with belltower and romanesque apse. Immediately turn left in “Via Era”, continue along “Viale Cembrano”  (no sidewalk), then continue on the right in “Via Romana di Quarto”, walking on the left to observe the old part of this street, arrived at the curve turn left to go through the underpass “Corso Europa”, then go up on stairs and turn left uphill into “Via Romana di Quarto”. (At the intersection turn right in “Via Prasca” and reach the church of S. Giovanni Battista (hospitality). Otherwise we turn left in “Via Romana di Quarto” down a flight of stairs and to pass  “Corso Europa,” we turn left on the flyover “Borghero”, and we reach “Via Romana della Castagna”, where is the church of Madonna della Castagna (fountain). We continue downhill to reach  and go down on the right the stairs on “Via Crosini” to introduce into  “Via antica Romana di Quinto”,  to arrive at the church of “St. Pietro a Quinto”,  then we pass it on the right, continue on “Via Romana di Quinto”, on “Via E. Cabruna” and turn left  to take “Corso Europa”. We turn right and continue  for 500 mt on the right sidewalk, we continue downhill to the  rotunda that is haunting on the left, overcome the underpass and go left into “Via Somma”, follow it on the sidewalk and just beyond turn left uphill on “Scalinata D. Morelli”. At the top (fountain) turn right into “Via Maggiolo di Nervi”,  follow it and continue on ”Via Crocifisso” up on brick-road, we take on the right “Via S. Rocchino di Nervi” and at the  No. 6  of this street we go straight ahead, downhill, in “Via Noffi”. Straight on in the half plane we will arrive in S. Ilario. From the square we take on the right “Via Superiore St.Ilario, downhill, at the bottom we cross the road, go down the little staircase, take left under the arch “Via Penco” to continue uphill. Once at the big sink, we continue on “Via della Zuccona” and reach the fork, turn right on “Via Armanna” (fountain), down on the concrete steps, always following the large main road that will become a brick-road. We will admire the beautiful view of Bogliasco (fountain). At No.4 of the road, we turn in a U-bend, on grit, and later, at the fork, we turn right into “Via Fritallo” and immediately after we turn left on stairway ramp with blue handrail: we get to “Via De Marchi”. Continue to the left until the “Via Aurelia” is reached; continue Eastward travelling the road bridge until the pedestrian overpass is reached; follow the pedestrian overpass and at its end turn right in “Via Favaro”, an upward flight of steps becoming subsequently a paved road that joins “Via Fratelli Ferrari; at a road mirror on the left, take the short upward flight of steps  “Via Pale” that allow to reach “Via Mazzini”; through a short cut and after another arrived in front of the “Stazione dei Carabinieri”, it continues rights for around 100 meters, reached on the “Via Aurelia” it turns to the left and immediately after it take on the left in slope the stairway “Via della Chiesa” (brick, narrow road), then continue right on paved road; we turn uphill to the right, the road narrows and after a while we pass a little river; a paved road (road-signs: two filled red squares) let us reach the elementary school “Ferrante Aporti”. After passing the school, we will reach the church of Pieve Alto (grocer’s shop), we cross the square of “S. Michele”, and we continue, on the right of the church, on “Via Roma”, which is  left on a stairway on the right, (road-signs: two filled red squares), then we come again on the main road (fountain). Turn left into “Via S. Gaetano”, a narrow path, cross the parking of the sport-field going on path “Via Priaruggia”, near a green home number 11 turn right up steps to reach “Via Solimano”. Also on steps to get to the main road “Via N. Sauro“; turning right and then left in Via Garibaldi to cross the bridge over the river, in Sori, then turn right into “Via Mangini” uphill, cross the railroad and the “Via Aurelia” underpass, on our right we have the church of Santa Margherita and the beautiful churchyard, turn left and then right in “Via Aurelia”; shortly after we cross the main road carefully and take the stairs “Via Dante”, and reach the small square of the church of S. Rocco. We go on always in “Via Dante”, turning on the right on a path initially flat then  alternate stairways and trails uphill; arrived at the gate with two stars to climb on the left. We pass a pink house abandoned, and then arrived near a votive shrine and  at No. 12 of Via alla Torre we go straight to the Torre Saracena of 1600  in the hinterland of Sori. We continue on a path into “Via della Torre”, we cross a stream then to the house with No. 1 come down to the right of cemented stairs and at the fork we go down on the right into “Salita Costa Lunga”, we walk all along until we will reach the “Via Aurelia (Corso Cavour)”.Turn left and after 300mt., at No. 75 of the road, go down in “Scalinata Professor Maccaggi”, we pass under the railway and turn left in ”Corso Garibaldi”, then continue along “Via Cavour; arrived at the “restaurant Pesci Vivi” turn right on stairs, then turn left into “Via Antica Romana”, immediately right again to reach out and continue to the right in Passeggiata Sant’Anna Shortly after, we turn left to cross the pedestrian bridge and arrive in “Piazza Caduti del Mare”  in Recco, we cross it to reach the “Italian Post Office”, we go beyond the arcade, turn left on stairway “S. Michele”, then right into “Via S.Francesco” and then “Via Romagneno”, “Via Ruffini”, through the arch of “Via Schiaffino” reaching the village of Camogli.


GE.Quarto:  Parish “San Giovanni Battista” (R) – Via Prasca, 64 – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply Don Francesco Di Comite – tel.+039010388324 mob. +0393484740308 sangiovanni64@gmail.com – to be provided with sleeping bag – bathoom with shower – donative.
Camogli: Monastery “San Prospero of the Padri Olivetani” (R) – Via romana, 59 – notice is necessary – Credential obligatory – apply the Father Superior – tel. +0390185770131 – price to be agreed.

Distances and reference marks:

La Commenda -Via San Lorenzo                                        km 1,200
San Lorenzo – Piazza Tommaseo                                        km 2,350
Piazza Tommaseo – San Giovanni di Quarto                      km 4,000
San Giovanni di Quarto- Corso Europa                               km 2,700
Corso Europa-Salita- D. Morelli                                         km 1,200
Salita Morelli-Sant’Ilario                                                     km 1,600
Sant’Ilario-Cavalcavia Pedonale dei Bogliasco                   km 1,700
Cavalcavi ped. di Bogliasco-Pieve Alta S. Michele            km 2,350
Pieve Alta (S.Michele)- Sori (S.Rocco)                              km 1,700
San Rocco Sori-Salita Costalunga fondo discesa                km 2,600
Salita Costalunga fondo discesa- S. Francesco Recco      km 1,600
San Francesco Recco-Camogli  Staz. Ferroviaria              km  2,100
Totale km 25,100

  Please report possible problems or proposals of improvement of the itinerary, writing to salveas@libero.it – Thanks for your help.

The 12 proposed stages and described were been in the years by the authors that  decline every responsibility around possible changes on the territory that can alter how much it has described.



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